A story by color alone.

Choosing colors for your brand successfully is an art. Forget using some marketers "reason for color" and take the time to choose the colors that tell your story. Every piece of your visual identity is an opportunity to tell your story. Put it this way the market is stupid noisy and if you can't distinguish your brand from any other through a single element such as color than your visual identity is failing your brand.

Color is finicky. Pick a color and view it on its own. Ugly or pretty to you it doesn't matter. Your determined level beauty means nothing without context. The world isn't one color why should your brand be. An ugly color is beautiful when it stands next to the right color. A pretty color is ugly next to the wrong color. It's context but with color. It's storytelling visually down to the core of each element and how they work with each other, communicating and not communicating.

If you take a look at BRHYT's primary color palette you can decide whether each color is attractive to you or not. What you can't deny is how well they work together. And how well they represent Brhyt and its juxtaposed cultural ideas of genius and insanity. The darkness/brilliance story is easily read, captured and understood by its single element of color, one that isn't easily communicated with a single color.

When it comes to design in business, we're beyond the single color brand. Building a language system that is your brand takes the careful and thoughtful crafting of each element to outline and tell the story that you want to constantly remind your audience of. Instead of placing emphasis on a single color we focus on the value and placement of colors that illustrate your story and brand.

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