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Curated for the Culture.

Gems are the treasures we find while doing our work. We are making these bits of value available to you with both free and paid content delivered weekly.

Substock — We all adhere to a subculture.

In the last few years we saw how great stock footage got with the emergence of Unsplash and others like it. We've been fans of the rising platforms since it's first days of 10 pics a day (or week don't recall exactly). We've noticed how a platform like Unsplash has elevated visual culture. Yet there is still room for improvement. There are stories that don't get told. Stories whose subtle details –that matter– get erased. We are here to help create stock content for those impactful yet marginalized communities. We can't do it alone – so we're ringing up a collective of creators to join us on this side project of providing next-level visual content. Contribute to the collective.

We are not here to become the Unsplash of Subculture stock footage no that's not us. We are here to create and deliver accessible stock content for subculture communities. We want to work alongside other stock content platforms to reach the communities that need it most.

Why does this matter? This matters because our world is becoming more and more ready-made and despite growing libraries of free and paid accessible content we still have stories that aren't being told. Our concern is one we've seen with our clients. Lack of funding leads choosing 'just ok' visual pieces that don't provide the necessary details that say this company gets it even though they may. Providing access is how the brands that care make the extra effort to speak even when funding or time isn't there.


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