Nellie's Restaurant

Nellie's first approached us with the hopes of having someone who could just manage updates on their website and run campaigns. After a sit down we knew there was a long term relationship here. We embraced the engagement and quickly searched for optimization & storytelling opportunities. Digitally, our goal was and still is to place them in a position to win. In our thinking we began with understanding their areas of business and how they worked.

The areas of business.

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Weekend Buffet (Events)
  • Catering
  • Venue Rental

Their story.

A family owned affair that has been around for over 10+ years. They've gone through their struggles and they've done so together not just as a family, but with the community. Their story up to this point was not shared. It was only understood to those in the neighborhood that frequented their location(s). But they have personality, good food, and the ability to be welcoming and collaborative for the betterment of all. This is huge. To give you context, Nellie's is a restaurant in what is now the first Puerto Rico Town in the world. They've seen the neighborhood transform and in turn have embraced transformation not as a survival tool to survive another year, but as evolution for the next decade. They served a need by enterprising in what they do best. We came in to help them do it better, simpler and more effective.


When it came to their visual identity, they had just worked with a designer and launched a new direction and logo. With said it lacked the emotional factor of their brand. That emotional factor was its story.