An interdisciplinary design studio with high standards for form & content — delivering award-worthy work that aligns intent with current culture.

BRHYT Studio offers design with keen perspective on impact and business, from one-off modules to end-to-end strategies within visual communications.


This isn't your everyday studio. How I got here isn't "traditional". Much like any design process, I began with a blurred imagination of whatever "this" is. I knew two things, I enjoyed "playing" and "connecting ideas" almost regardless of the medium, and if I wanted to be "good" then I must "experience". And that is the foundation of BRHYT. Brhyt is a connection in and of itself. A word that means nothing, yet "borrows" from existing language to create a "new space", unfamiliar yet open and "near-untethered" to any label or connotation, other than its near-unrecognizable roots.  But we want both of "those" connotations even if in trace amounts, mostly to inspire. See a bit of "bright" as in "genius", and a bit of hyte as in "out of your mind" and we may just be able to solve any problem we come across. At least that's the mindset, and "Brhyt" is the constant reminder.

This is a space where we (you & I) are free to think on a full spectrum of thought and opportunity. Brhyt Studio, Design Principles:

1. Speak human. Speak to be understood, humanize text. The internet can be "artificial".
2. Practical vs "Familiar". If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, double check for practicality.
3. "Ready Made". Borrowing from Fashion to describe offers that have set, modifiable terms & price.
4. "Work in Process" — "Under Construction" — "Raw & Uncut" — "Show Proof of Work"
5. Conversational, "Social Commentary" — Weave threads of half connected thoughts to be found.


Websites that "connect"; user to offer and offer to automation. I work with you to uncover the "nuances" in your workflow, identifying opportunities to fully represent and automate your business, often beginning with your customer experience journey. Through it, we connect the dots between message, visuals, and optimal "tech" stack.


NAHN Illinois

A website that automates workflows for NAHN Illinois.

Clients are encouraged to update their websites.
Live website may not reflect original design.

606 Laces

An Online Shoe Accessories Store

Clients are encouraged to update their websites.
Live website may not reflect original design.
BRand Discovery - For Founders, startups, and ORganizations looking to kindle the spirit of their brand(s)